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Where Does your Site Rank on Google?

If you have been involved with optimizing or promoting your website, you would have often searched your prominent keywords in search engines like Google to check where your site ranks. If you have to deal with more than 20 to 40 keyword phrases, checking your site ranking in the first 30 results, across 10 major search engines can be a daunting task.

follow or nofollow? SEO Dilemma of Linking

While every one around the SEO corner is busy hoarding the page rank of their site using nofollow attribute in quest to rank the important pages of a website, I am quite sure this practice (page rank sculpting) is just an accident waiting to happen as webmasters will abuse it up to an extent that Google will do what they have done to ‘keyword meta tag’ – start ignoring it.

Converting Visitors to Sales – 50 Tips for eCommerce Sites

You’ve built your site. You’ve spent countless hours optimising your pages and even more hours ensuring you have links with optimised anchor text pointing to your site. You’ve posted in blogs and forums and now you’re in a position where you have a healthy flow of traffic to your site.
But your visitors aren’t buying you products and/or services. What’s happening?