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Crime Pays? You Don’t Say…

Crime Pays? You Don’t Say…

Security firm Symantec have announced that Internet crime is a major commercial activity in a new report.

The report describes underworld auction sites where bank details and credit cards are on sale, and how criminals are targeting “trusted” sites like MySpace and Facebook to launch their attacks.

The BBC have said that “young hackers who spread viruses or launched attacks on computer networks were bent on mischief rather than money making.” However, according to the report, the industry is now a multi-billion dollar activity.

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been several stories in the news about Internet crime – increases in phishing; Monster falling victim and losing customer’s data; massive increases in “denial-of-service” attacks – there seems to be something new everyday.

Just last week, build-it-yourself virus, adware and malware software went on sale in the states. This allows almost anyone to create off-the-shelf annoyances for pennies.

And now, Symantec have suddenly realised that all of this activity points towards the fact that Internet crime is big business. I think a shaved chimp could have worked that one out.

And I’m sure that it’s not in the interest of a security firm, like Symantec (which provides several software programs designed to protect users from online attacks from mal/spy/ad/ransom and all the other “wares” that will be coming down the line if you don’t renew that anti-virus subscription), to promote a report with findings as enlightened as this.

Bravo Symantec for your unbiased reportage!

I’m off to buy a DIY phishing kit and retire on my yacht. Then again, maybe I’ll invest in a security firm – I’m sure it’s far more lucrative.


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