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Database Examples

Just a couple of examples of Microsoft Access databases that I've created

Do you know what Microsoft Access can do?

Access is a fantastic desktop database application – but it has received a bit of bad press over it’s aesthetics and how dull the interface can appear.

I specialise in creating bespoke functionality in Access – giving you all of the features you need such as stock inventory, order tracking or customer information – and also creating intuitive, attractive interfaces that make learning the new system simple.

Check out some of the Microsoft Access databases that I’ve created.

  • System tracks various projects from multiple departments and identifies potential conflicts for employee experience
  • Bespoke reporting suite
  • Custom controls and interface

  • System collects call recording feedback for advisers in a contact centre
  • Display mimics existing paper-base system for ease of training
  • Custom icons and reporting suite included
  • Auto-complete on input fields

  • Stock inventory and ordering system
  • Tracks customer accounts and purchases
  • Warehouse level control
  • Auto-ordering for low-stock products

  • Touch-screen booking system for a cinema
  • Allows for multiple theatre screens, with multiple films in each
  • Ticket tracking and discounts for repeat customers
  • Reviews for films

Make My House Better


A design for a innovative competition site. The customer had designed his dream home, and was offering a prize for the best suggestions to improve the design of the property. Great idea!




Ayenda is an agile Systems Integration and Consulting firm that can quickly adapt and meet client’s strategic business needs.


41 Squadron


Easy-to-maintain site created in Wordpress for a Air Cadet Squadron in the City of Porirua, New Zealand


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