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Is your Site Chrome Compatible?

Is your Site Chrome Compatible?

Is your website Google Chrome compatible? Do you know Google has launched its brand new browser – Google Chrome and its user base is spreading like wild fire?

Google has jumped in the browser battle going on between MS Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox with the launch of Google Chrome. Google Chrome is indeed a wonderful and highly secured browser and gives some advanced functionality to users. I have tried Chrome and I think it’s ideal for people who are basic surfers. It’s free and you can also download it from here -

Checkout this cool article on Search Engine Land that compares Google Chrome with IE & Firefox:

Some of the features that i find intriguing are that the browser gives each page its own “memory” through multi-threading technology and you can use itsbuiltin task manager much like the Windows version – identiying and killing resource-hogging plugins. Also, “Sandboxing” each page as its loaded is a really secure way to browse the web.

No doubt, Chrome is hot and comes with some really cool new features but sadly it doesn’t yet support my favorite plugins. So guess I’ll wait till Chrome grows up and until then I’ll continue firefoxing!


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