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Nokia N95 for PowerPoint Presentations

Nokia N95 for PowerPoint Presentations

The Nokia N95 is a great smart phone and although it’s a multimedia smart phone, it can be made into a great business too quite easily with all the applicationss available for it.

I’ve recently discovered a great little Symbian Series60 application called PhonePoint over at PhonePoint turns your mobile phone into a Bluetooth PowerPoint controller so you can use your mobile phone for PowerPoint presentations instead of standing by the laptop and using the mouse or keyboard. I run IT workshops quite often, so this little app’s become a firm favorite. I can now use my  Nokia N95 to remotely move forward, backward and restart my presentation. It frees me from the laptop and allows me to interact more with my audience, which make for a much better and a much more attractive workshop.

You need a Symbian Series60 smart phone like my N95 of course but the application can also be used on the Nokia E60, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Panasonic X800, Samsung i520, in fact, any smart phone that runs the Symbian Series60 OS. The other requirements are
• Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or later.
• Windows XP or Windows Vista.
• Bluetooth PC support.
These shouldn’t be a problem as most laptops have Bluetooth support, run at least Windows XP, and a much newer version of PowerPoint.

If you make PowerPoint presentations often, I’d recommend this app. The app sells for only $20 but can down load a free trial from

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