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PlayStation3 to Have “Online World”

PlayStation3 to Have “Online World”

Although originally planned for an autumn, Sony have announced that they are to delay the launch of the Home Online service for its PlayStation3 console.

Sony are investing heavily in social networking and this new services is to provide a key anchor in that area. The cited reason for the delay is to improve the quality of the finished service.

This is going to be a worldwide service that needs to offer a wide range of functions required in Japan, in the US, in Europe and in Asia,” said Kazuo Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment head, in a speech at the Tokyo Game Show.

The service will allow users to interact online with a custom avatar (which users can design themselves).

However, this news will surely come as a further blow to Sony. They’re currently trailing in the market in the US to both the Wii and the Xbox 360. The PS3 really needs something to drive up it’s saleability – or we could see the PS going the way of the MegaDrive.

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