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Pop the Cherry….

Pop the Cherry….

This is a new one for me; a blog.

I understand the concept; God knows I’ve read enough and subscribed to many of them. However, this is my first attempt at putting together a blog myself.

Nope. Normally, I’m pretty adept at IT stuff. Give me a database, a bit of HTML and some graphics software and I can knock you up a website faster than you can say “Joomla!”. But writing – that’s not exactly a forte of mine.

Still, I’m prepared to take a leap of faith to highlight some of the comings and goings of and some of the stories in the news that may have slipped you by.

Please feel free to comment on any information you might see in here, or contact us if you have any queries, content or content requests for the blog. Also, bear in mind that we have a huge raft of info available on the site on database design, web design and icons/graphics, as well as many free downloads in the store.

Thanks for reading – first update will be along shortly.


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