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Project included:

Corporate Law Web Site

CFC Law approached me to design them a site that would meet some very strict criteria:

  • It must be accessible, to allow users with disabilities to use the site easily
  • It must be clean, clear and modern
  • It should be able to display large amounts of information without overwhelming the visitor
  • It should be 100% valid HTML and CSS

The site was developed without the use of jQuery or any other languages that could have caused the site to fail its validity checker.

Additionally – and unusually – it was also optimsed for Internet Explorer 6. Unless specifically requested, I tend to leave IE6 by the wayside, as it’s an out-of-date, unsupported browser. However, the client was adamant that a large portion of his user-base were still accessing his current site though IE6.

With a bit of work, we have a superb cross-browser compatible site that meets all of teh client’s requirements!