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Project included:

Home page for PLC

Coaching creates a direct path to successful outcomes

This is the mantra of Handan Tunc, certified Life Coach at Pulse Life Coaching in New South Wales, Australia.

For her web site, we needed to incorporate her existing logo design whilst also designing a site that was simple to use and navigate, whilst also being eye-catching too.

Whilst the logo colours are naturally quite strong, the final design used this only sparingly to bring together then overall “flavour” of the site. This allows the layout to have an open, calm styling, highlighted by strong colours only for call-to-action areas – such as the “read more” buttons and hover effects in the navigation.

The design also allows for easy updating of content through the powerful, customised WordPress management system.

Finally, Handan has complete control to change the layout of each page individually from a selection of pre-coded designs.

This allows her to use a full-width page for one area of the site, whilst using a different, unique design for the home page.

Inner page design for Pulse Life Coaching