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Project included:

Munky See. Munky Do.

When it comes to design, styling has to be something very personal to the customer.

For WebMunky, the site needed something that says “fun”, “young” and “exciting” – but still gave the customer the opportunity to change the development of the site at a future date. After all, WebMunky is a web developer too!

First, I redesigned the site logo from the former grey and white style.

Next, I looked at the possibilities for the environment for where a monkey might play; settling on taking inspiration from the jungle.

Using this as the base for the style, I created foliage and wooden patterns, and opened up the content area with whitespace – giving the whole layout a clean, fun vibe.

And because it’s WordPress-based, the customer has complete control over layout, content, comments and more – accessible from his mobile phone too!