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Staff Sacked over eBay Addiction

Staff Sacked over eBay Addiction

On first glance, you may think that this is a joke – but you’d be wrong.

Three staff at Neath Port Talbot Council have lost their jobs after spending too long on the internet auction site. It seems that “too long” was actually in excess of 2 hours per day.

What is there to shop for for 2 hours a day on what is essentially a second hand store?

In the recent news, there have been stories about businesses losing hundreds of man-hours to internet usage through Facebook, MySpace, eBay and a plethora of other sites.

This puts me in mind of a series of attacks by dogs in the early nineties. The actual number of incidents of dogs biting people had not actually increased (in fact it had decreased since 1985). However, a child was mauled by a Pit Bull Terrier and unfortunately died. Then it was open season on any pooch – especially the ones that didn’t have sad eyes.

In came the Dangerous Dogs Act and it seemed their was a daily story in the news about yet another mastiff pulling limbs off a granny, or a “staffy” chewing its way through an unfortunate postman.

So now we have a new evil insofar as staff slacking off and costing the economy billions (apparently) in lost time. Managers across this green and pleasant land have their time and motion studies are at the ready. Fiona Bruce is busy preemptively practicing pronouncing Welsh company and staff names for the Beebs’ name and shame news coverage (bought to you 24-hours a day).

Then we’ll probably have a bill passed to form the basis of the “Dangerous Social Networking and E-Communications Portal Act”.

Hello and OK magazines will be outlawed. Peter and Jordan, Jade, Posh, Chanelle – they’ll have no one left to talk about them in offices across the country. Maybe they’ll have to start working at their local ASDA or KFC?

It’s not all bad news, then…


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