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Starting Your New Website

Starting Your New Website

Web Templates and Search Engine Optimization:
In the worst case scenario, your budget is to tight at the moment, you just do not have the money to do it the right way, then go and buy a web template. From $25 to several hundred dollars you can have a web template. Remember, as with any product, you get what you pay for. And you will still have to generate the files into HTML and add your content.

Web design templates do not always have the power to rank your website to its potential. Why? because the structure is generic, and in some cases someone else is using it for a similar product. There are also hidden links to the designer and who knows where else in the templates. Be sure to remove them. You paid for it and do not need to leak your page rank so early in the game.

Web templates have other problems, it looks like you stole someone else’s web design. They limit your presentation, and look generic. But we would recommend that you use a template before you do-it-yourself. For the best results find a web design company with a great web design portfolio and an affordable solution for you. A custom web design can range in price form several hundred to several thousand dollars. The better the designer the higher you will pay. The more pages you have the more you may have to pay.

Ready Made Websites, Rental Websites and Search Engine Optimization:
Generally these are designed mediocre at best (templates look much better) and these websites have limited knowledge of proper SEO techniques. Its only benefit is that you just add text and a logo. Some ready made websites come with a domain that may already have some Page Rank, hears the trick, once you buy that template the PR will disappear because the creators will no longer link to it from more than one page. So the importance it used to have to the other website is gone. Another downfall, you always link to the creators website at the bottom of every page. So your helping them when you promote your website, whether you know it or not.

Web Design Summary
The best approach to a good web design and a highly ranked website is to find an SEO that produces high quality web design and effective search engine optimization and marketing. Look at their website and their portfolio. Don’t be fooled by sites that rank great and look terrible, or even cheap. That is exactly what you will get. Make sure your SEO has a nice web design portfolio if you choose to use them for both services. Make sure your SEO uses safe marketing techniques and doesn’t add your link to every customers website, you need a better service than that. Look for proof of your clients abilities. Go to a clients website and type in the first few keywords you see in the title into Google. Can you find that website, would you be happy with those results.


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