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PHP Coding

Dynamic coding for dynamic websites

PHP gives flexibility to your website

Although your web browser only uses one markup language, there are several languages that can be used on a web server to provide some very specific functionality to improve your site.

PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages

PHP is one of these languages, which is compatible with over 99% of web servers and is perfect for creating connections to your server.

This means that you can store content on a server and have your web browser fetch the information when it’s needed.

That might not sound very impressive – but it allows the developer to design a single page, and simply “swap” the content that is required to show the user at that time.

It also means that the content is kept separate from the HTML and design elements, so you can change your design at a later date without having to alter your content or existing HTML coding.

PHP is the de facto language for many of the websites that you will have used. Facebook, WordPress and Flickr all use the language for their websites.



PhotoShop layout for a social network, which is designed to let users share fashion advice, upload images of outfits and vote on their appearance.


Truck Storage Houston

Truck Storage Houston

Wordpress-based site for a storage company, specialising in shipping containers, trucks and 18-wheeler vehicles.




Lively web site using Flash for highly-interactive features on this Australian elearning web site.


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