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Website Content – Getting Window Shoppers into your Store

Website Content – Getting Window Shoppers into your Store

In real estate investors and home buyers alike are commonly told that the most important consideration when purchasing a property is: “Location, Location, and Location”. Well for webmasters the most important consideration is: “Content, Content, and Content”! On the web the overall driver for a website is the content that the site contains. Content is to a website what inventory is to a retail store.

Without content, or inventory there is no traffic, no sales and most importantly, no free text links. Let’s face it, when was the last time you saw a lot of customers wonder through an empty store? In web terms, the content of the site is what keeps your visitors coming to see you. If you have nothing for them to see or read then they have no reason to visit. The content of a website not only has to be of interest to your visitors, it has to keep them coming back. It needs to engage them, and make them want to return to your site for more. Make sure your content has a few contextual links to authority websites on articles content.

Content is not enoughtIt is important to realize that good content is not enough. The content of the site has to be both high quality and relevant to the niche of the site otherwise it will likely never be found. The internet is like a huge cloud full of information particles. Internet travelers scour the web for the information that they seek. They use search engines, directories, and links from other sites to point them in the correct direction until they find what they are looking for. The search engines categorize the websites based on the content that they find on the site. If the content is not niche specific the search engines will have a hard time deciding on what your site is about and this means that search engine search results will likely never include a listing to your web site.

The content of the site is just as important as the look of the site. Submitting your website to search engines or directories when the site has an unfinished look will often result in a lot of missed text link opportunities. Many directories will not accept links from unfinished websites. In fact many webmasters will not accept reciprocal links form websites that are under construction as well. Have a clean finished look and lots of content is essential for a website to attract visitors and link partners alike.

So what is it that defines “Good Content”? A few things to consider when building a website are the following:

  1. Make the site niche specific. Ensure the topic of the site is narrow enough so that the search engines will clearly understand what your site is about.
  2. Check for broken links. Visiting a website and clicking on a link that is broken is always a nuisance.
  3. The search engine spiders that look over your site will also penalize you for broken links by lowering your page rank.
  4. Draw in your visitors by making the site interactive.
  5. Use Audio, and video to grab and hold their attention.
  6. Use polls or create some other type of interaction so that your visitors can interact with the site and not just visit and watch.
  7. Ensure that your site is Search Engine Optimized. Make sure that your specific keywords are included on every page of your site. Make sure your titles, keywords, and page text are all in alignment.

Building the website is not enough. Having top notch, original content is essential for attracting traffic to the site and encouraging return visits. The search engines, directories, and even other webmasters will review the sites content before placing text links on their site. Having top notch content will actually encourage other webmasters to place links on their site back to you, so long as they feel your site will offer their visitors good content.


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